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Our Key Clients
Our Key Clients
Rohan Trader
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Why choose us ?

Ecosoft will always design and manufacture shoes keeping in mind the utmost comfort for your feet.
With top-notch quality and high-end designs, we manufacture a comfortable footwear experience just for you!


EcoSoft was founded 10 years ago by experienced professionals in the footwear industry with the aim of making the most comfortable and durable Pu footwear.

Ecosoft‘s motto is “to manufacture high quality, durable and stylish footwear for everyone”. Our main markets are Mumbai and Maharashtra and we also have a presence in Gujarat, Kerala, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh. We also export to countries like Qatar, Nepal and UAE.

Let's see what our clients
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I love working with Ecosoft Team. Have never faced any problems with my orders. Slippers and Sandals are very high quality and fly off my shelves.

Owners - Rohan Shah
Rohan Traders

Its Small Family run business providing Authentic PU Wear. Very Professional and Easy to work with. Have never received a bad order.Able to Make good margins working with Ecosoft

Owner - Salman Kheradia
Maharashtra footwear

Comfortable and Stylish as they claim.  Had a good first experience with Ecosoft. Looking forward to working with them the future.


Have been working for 3 years with Ecosoft. Their sandals are in my Bharuch stores. So far, the experience has been pleasant for me and my customers

Khambatwala & Sonsz.

Pair UP with Ecosoft

They say Sandals always sell in Pairs. Now you can pair up with us as a Business Partner. So Put on the Sandals and fill out our Form to Sell our footwear in your stores.

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